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General Elections 2022

Please keep in mind that Sussex County no longer falls under the 11th Congressional District. As a result, Frankford Township is now in the 5th District.
Municipalities in the Congressional District 5 include: Andover Township, Branchville Borough, Frankford Township, Franklin Borough, Hamburg Borough, Hampton Township, Hardyston Township, Lafayette Township, Montague Township, Town of Newton, Sandyston Township, Sussex Borough, Vernon Township, Wantage Township

2022 Election info can be found at

There will be three ways to vote this November:

  1. Vote early in person, at one of three designated "vote centers" using a voting machine.
  2. Vote early by mail-in ballot. Note: Voters who are scheduled to receive mail-in ballots will not be able to vote using a voting machine unless they first opt out of vote-by-mail. See Q & A below.
  3. Vote on Election Day in person using a voting machine at your assigned polling place.

Early IN-PERSON Voting is available to NJ Voters.

Please feel free to call the Sussex County Clerk's Office at 973-579-0900 with any other questions regarding early voting.

Date to Know

Additional Information

Voters who want to vote early by paper ballot, but who miss the deadline to request a mail-in ballot by mail, may apply to vote an early paper ballot in person at the County Clerk's Office up until 3 p.m. the Monday before Election Day. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cochran House Professional Bldg., 83 Spring Street, Suite 304 in Newton. Paid parking lot available on Trinity Street.

Mail-in/absentee ballots are accepted via mail up to six days after Election Day, as long as the envelope bears a postmark not later than Election Day.

Provisional Ballots are counted after the deadline for receiving mail-in/absentee ballots has passed.

Some voters have expressed concern that, because they voted by mail under Executive Order in the 2020 elections, they will be placed on the list to automatically receive mail-in ballots in all future elections. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Voters who voted by mail under executive order in 2020 will NOT be put on this list and so have no need to opt off the list.

If you are a mail-in ballot voter, please see the website for more information, including the 14 dropbox locations.

Phone numbers for additional information: Sussex County Clerk’s Office: 973-579-0900
Board of Election: 973-579-0950

2022 General Elections Cheat Sheet - click here for a quick reference to the upcoming elections, provided by the Sussex County Clerk's Office.

2022 Early Voting Q & Aclick here for the Early Voting Q&A flyer, provided by the Sussex County Clerk's Office. (NEW - posted 10/03/22)

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